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The following links provide information and resources of particular use to social service workers. The links regarding Diagnostic/Treatment Centers, Policy and Advocacy, Support Groups, and Camps in the Parents' Section of this site may be useful to clinicians as well.

Intervention Efforts/Programs

  • Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Development (MSACD)
    The MSACD Prevention Program develops and disseminates educational materials and delivers training on FAS and other drug related birth defects to a wide range of audiences.
  • Double Arc (Ohio Affiliate of NOFAS)
    Consultation and staff development opportunities for education, health, and social service providers to support them in giving every child an opportunity to succeed in school.
  • Framework for Action
    A comprehensive plan designed to guide the work of organizations at the community, territorial, and national levels in attending to and preventing FASD in Canada.
  • FASD Prevention in Washington State
    Data from two ongoing population-based surveillance and screening programs provides compelling evidence that FASD prevention efforts in Washington State are working.
  • Communities that CareĀ® Prevention Planning System
    A step-by-step process that empowers communities to identify and implement the most effective prevention efforts for their specific needs.
  • Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)
    An advocacy/intervention model in which paraprofessionals work with high-risk mothers who abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • Families Moving Forward Project
    An innovative intervention model to address the needs of children with FASD, their parents, and the school and community professionals who work with them.

Assessment/Intervention Tools

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Online Clinic
    Resources from Dr. Larry Burd, Director of the North Dakota Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Center. Click the "materials" and "tools" links.
  • FAS Toolkit
    A vast set of resources for identification, assessment, and intervention; features basic principles, best practices, case scenarios, community partnerships, and much more!
  • TWEAK Screening Tool for Women
    Simple five step questionnaire for determining women's drinking habits. Includes references.
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)
    An ongoing mail/telephone survey of women who have recently given birth in order to learn more about why some babies are born healthy and others not.

Community Outreach Materials


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