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When I go to the doctor for an assessment, what should I bring with me?

Bring as much information as you can. This helps with the diagnosis. Gather the following:

  • History of the birth mother’s alcohol use, if possible
  • Any medical history available on the birth mother
  • Photos of the birth mother and father, if available
  • Medical records of your child’s physical exams, including documentation of your child’s physical growth and development
  • Medical records or personal notes of health problems such as hearing or vision problems, muscle weakness or seizures
  • Medical records or personal notes about potential central nervous system problems; for example, odd logic, inability to concentrate or stay on task, developmental delays, and other things you’ve observed
  • Results of neuropsychological tests or other assessments
  • School records that document academic progress and problems; also IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), if appropriate
  • Photos of your child (ideally from birth through present)

Click here for a more detailed, printable checklist.

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