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In this section, we have gathered “must see” information about FASD, including exciting products and interventions being offered by The Academic Edge. See the latest headlines about FASD research by clicking on FASD in the News.

NIH awards grant for development of FASD educational materials
The Academic Edge, Inc. recently received a two-year, $750,000, federal grant from the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse to continue development of its award-winning multimedia package that introduces parents and other care providers to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). FASD is a set of physical and mental characteristics that occur among children whose biological mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy. The Academic Edge produced a CD-ROM to help care providers understand FASD.

The additional funding allows AEI to develop a DVD containing a new version of the diagnosis module, plus additional comprehensive modules that will help parents seek care and interventions for their child beyond diagnosis.

FASD educational DVDs now available
National Foster Parent Association executive director endorses FASD educational materials
After reviewing the DVD FASD and Your Child: Cause, Effects and Interventions and this companion web site, Karen Jorgenson, the executive director of the National Foster Parent Association, stated, "FASD is a growing problem and The Academic Edge has filled a gap by providing easily accessible information with the creation of an informative, interesting DVD and resourceful web site on the issue."

The DVD and web site are designed to be valuable sources of information for anyone who cares for a child affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Many children affected by FASD are raised in foster and adoptive families.
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