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Introduction Interventions Web Links and Downloads

The following links provide information and resources specific to clinicians. The links provided in the Prevention/Treatment and Diagnostic/Treatment Centers sections of the Parents' Section may be useful to clinicians as well.

Organizations/Centers with Multiple Resources

Diagnostic Tools

  • FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code
    Comprehensive method for diagnosing the full spectrum of outcomes of patients with prenatal alcohol exposure; includes a link to the full 123-page guide.
  • Facial Photographic Analysis Software
    This software is used to measure the magnitude of expression of the three facial features of FAS (small eyes, a smooth philtrum and a thin upper lip).
  • Eye Movement Test to Identify FASD
    A test that uses eye movement as a way to cut across cultural barriers when identifying children with FASD.
  • MRI to Determine Brain Damage in People with FASD
    How MRI can be used in a relatively non-invasive way to study the living brains of alcohol-affected children and provide a better picture of the FAS mind.
  • Meconium Testing
    The simple, non-invasive collection of a meconium sample eliminates the need to collect a blood or urine specimen from a newborn to diagnose fetal alcohol and drug exposure.

Prevention Tools

Training and Educational Materials

  • CDC FAS Regional Training Centers
    The centers assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about FAS and other prenatal alcohol-related disorders and develop resources needed to improve current practice.
  • Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Development (MSACD)
    The MSACD Prevention Program develops and disseminates educational materials and delivers training on FAS and other drug related birth defects to a wide range of audiences.
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome CD-ROM
    This CD-ROM uses descriptive text, video clips, animations, and illustrations to help health professionals learn how to screen and diagnose children with fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code Online Course
    For professionals engaged in screening and/or diagnosis of individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure; includes case studies, animations, practice, and self-assessment.


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